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Analyze development of theoretical underpinnings of research

Progression and Implications of the Theoretical Foundation for Research

This week marks a turning point in the course, as you finalize your theoretical foundation for research paper and create a presentation to highlight your work. In this week’s Discussion, you reflect on how your theoretical foundation has changed since the beginning of the course and consider how it may continue to evolve as you advance through your PhD program. In addition, you examine potential implications of this work for your current or future role in nursing research, practice, education, or leadership. Your Theoretical Foundation for Research Paper and Presentation are both due by Day 7 of this week.
Learning Objectives
Students will:
Analyze development of theoretical underpinnings of research
Assess potential implications of theoretical foundations for roles in nursing research, practice, education, or leadership
Apply analytic methods to the development of theoretical foundations for research
Apply scholarly communication skills to the creation of presentations

Theoretical Foundation for Research: Progression and Implications
The more you know, the more you don’t know. I often tell people I was never as smart and wise as I was the day I graduated from my baccalaureate-nursing program. Over the years, I’ve just discovered there’s more and more I don’t know. But that’s the exciting thing. You know, there’s so much out there to learn, so much to look at, so much to investigate, so much to understand. So enjoy that process.

—Dr. Donna Hathaway (Laureate Education, 2014d)

As a doctoral student, you may find yourself marveling at an insight that arises as you read an intriguing journal article, discuss a challenging topic with colleagues, listen to an Instructor’s story, or notice something different in a practice you have observed many times before. At other times, you may feel stuck or even convinced that you are somehow moving backwards on your journey toward earning your PhD.
Rest assured, both successes and challenges provide opportunities for you to grow as a scholar-practitioner. In this Discussion, you consider how your theoretical foundation for research has evolved and is likely to progress as you continue in this doctoral program. You also consider potential implications of this work for nursing research, practice, education, or leadership.
To prepare
Reflect on the information presented during this course and the process you have engaged in to develop your theoretical foundation for research. How has your initial thinking evolved since you first identified your phenomenon of interest? What insights have been surprising or have significantly influenced your theoretical foundation for research?
Next, think about the upcoming courses in your doctoral program of study. What would you most like to investigate or become more skilled at, and how could this benefit your program of research?
Think about the potential implications of your work in this course for a role related to nursing research, practice, education, or leadership that you currently hold or would like to hold in the future

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