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Analyzing a Health-Related Scenario

Discussion: Analyzing a Health-Related Scenario
In this week’s media program, Dr. Hathaway shares her experiences identifying a phenomenon of interest and creating a program of research to investigate the phenomenon. She explains that you can think of a theoretical foundation as the rationale for viewing the phenomenon in a specific manner during research. Dr. Hathaway also explains that theory- and research-related terminology is often ambiguous, which can create confusion.
In this Discussion, you analyze a health-related scenario and explain how you would begin to develop a theoretical foundation for research. You also describe what you would convey about the phenomenon to colleagues in your role as a researcher, practitioner, educator, or leader.
To prepare:
Review the Learning Resources, including the “Theoretical Foundation for Research Overview” document, and think about the elements of a theoretical foundation. Examine the definitions and uses of concept, conceptual relationship, framework, theory, and graphic model, as well as other related terms.
Review the “Health-Related Scenarios” document presented in the Learning Resources, and select one on which to focus for this discussion. Also, select one of the following roles for this discussion: researcher, practitioner, educator, or leader.
Think about your selected scenario from the perspective of the role you have chosen. What would you identify as your phenomenon of interest based on the scenario?
Search the research/theory-based literature to see what has been written that may apply to the phenomenon of interest. Identify at least three current, relevant resources from nursing or other disciplines. Examine how these resources define concepts, conceptual relationships, frameworks, theories, graphic models, and other related terms. What similarities and differences emerge as you read various sources? How does this information compare with your own understanding of these terms?
Based on your review of the Learning Resources and the literature, determine which concepts, conceptual relationships, frameworks/theories, and/or graphic models may be most relevant and beneficial for investigating the phenomenon of interest.
As a researcher, practitioner, educator, or leader, what would you share with colleagues about this phenomenon? Be prepared to describe two or more concepts, one or more conceptual relationships, and one or more frameworks or theories; if possible, also share a graphic model to accompany each framework/theory.
By Day 3
Post the scenario (#1, #2, or #3) and the role you have selected (practitioner, researcher, educator, or leader). State the phenomenon of interest you have identified. Then, explain how you would start to develop a theoretical foundation to investigate this phenomenon, describing which concepts, conceptual relationships, frameworks or theories, and graphic models related to the phenomenon you would share with colleagues. Ensure that you clearly define/differentiate each of these terms and provide evidence to support your theoretical foundation.
Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.
By Day 6
Respond to at least two of your colleagues in one or more of the following ways:
Pose questions to help clarify the perspective or deepen awareness related to the scenario.
Explain whether the terms concept, conceptual relationship, framework, theory, and/or graphic model are used appropriately in the post (i.e., have been sufficiently defined and differentiated). If not, offer insights to help your colleague improve his/her understanding.

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