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Clearly identify an experience that relates to the required topic of the RCA and introduce the central idea(s) you will be discussing.

Clearly identify an experience that relates to the required topic of the RCA and introduce the central idea(s) you will be discussing. You must include a central thesis statement (i.e. what your RCA is going to discuss). Body Description of the experience. Provide a clear and concise explanation of the experience. The experience should be clearly related to, and an illustration of, what you will be discussing throughout your paper. The following questions may help guide you: 1. Why is this significant to explore in relation to your practice? 2. What is meaningful to you about this experience? 3. Why do you need or want to look at this experience in detail? . Analysis of the experience. Question the outcomes, rationale, and impact of the experience on your own behaviours and reactions or the impact on others. Incorporate caring philosophy, ways of knowing, nursing theories, best practice guidelines, standards of nursing practice, and current literature. The following questions may help guide you: 1. What factors influenced the way you feel, think, and respond to this experience? 2. What factors influenced the way your client (individual, family, group, or community) responded in this experience? 3. Why did this happen? What does it mean? What was my role? 4. What are the consequences of this experience for the client, others, and yourself? 5. What knowledge informed you? What might have better informed you? 6. What is in the literature about this experience? 7. To what extent did I act in tune with my values? *Each idea links back to your experience. Personal areas for development. Explore personal areas for development which demonstrate a solid understanding of new knowledge and decision making. The following question may help guide you: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. The body What impact, reactions, and thoughts did this experience have on you? How might you respond more effectively in this situation again? How do you feel about the experience now? What insights have you gained through this reflection (framing perspective)? How would you revise your approach given this insight? What would be the consequence of this alternative action on clients, others, and yourself? How has this reflection altered or changed your practice? The guiding questions may help but only use the questions pertinent to your experience. References should be included in this section and used to support your ideas or conclusions with literature. Make inferences based on the information and link back to the main thesis of the experience from the introduction. *No new information, no references, etc. in the conclusion Structure and Format RCA papers should be four to five pages and include at least four scholarly, peer reviewed references. Other expectations include: proper use of language and grammar; well-organized and logical flow of ideas; clear transition between paragraphs; proper use of APA. The use of ‘I’ is acceptable in reflective scholarly nursing writing and will help to explore one’s own practice, ideas, new learning. Adapted from Johns, C. (2006) Engaging reflection in practice: A narrative approach. Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishing.

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