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Compare and contrast the strengths and limitations pros and cons of each school of thought’s approach to our understanding of Judy’s this case.

For this assignment, you will be examining the historical foundations of three major schools of thought within the field of psychology: psychoanalysis, Behaviorism, and Humanism.
You will be applying the three major theories and the concepts from these theories to help understand a case scenario. You will be comparing and contrasting the strengths and the limitations of each of the theories in understanding the particular case. You will then draw a conclusion and defend your conclusion as to which theory best fits with understanding the particular case.
In a well-written 8-12 page scholarly paper, address the following:

Begin with a discussion of the historical foundations of each school of thought: psychoanalysis, behaviorism, and humanism. Be sure to include a discussion of the following:
Historical underpinnings of each school of thought.
Major theorists within each school of thought.
Major concepts within each school of thought.
Bidirectional relationships between cultural and societal factors and each school of thought.
How did cultural and societal events of the time shape the development of this school of thought? How did this school of thought shape and influence societal thinking?
Paraphrase as much of the information that you learn from sources as possible rather than using direct quotes. Quotes should be used only occasionally. Cite and reference all sources of information you paraphrase or quote in your work.

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