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Description Individual Written Assignment. Students will work individually to synthesize EBP on a public health issue in our community, identify resources and gaps in interventions and propose interventions to address the issue.

Human/Sex Trafficking in Nevada

Purpose The purpose of the Public Health Issue written assignment is to investigate a public health issue as it pertains to the health of a community as a whole or a target population within the community. Students also apply the nursing process by identifying gaps in addressing the issue and proposing interventions. The knowledge the student will gain from this assignment is how to conduct scholarly inquiry to investigate issues about the health of a community. The student will also experience the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in addressing public health issues. Caritas Application: Caritas 6. Creatively problem-solving-solution-seeking’ through caring process; full use of self and artistry of caring-healing practices via use of all ways of knowing/being/doing/becoming. Caritas 7. Engaging in transpersonal teaching and learning within the context of a caring relationship; staying within other’s frame of reference-shift toward coaching model for expanded health/wellness. Target Audience: Write to inform Community Stakeholders of the problem Instructions: Select a topic from below: Opioid Epidemic Gun Violence Human/Sex Trafficking Environmental Health – Air/Water Quality STI – Syphilis/Gonorrhea/Chlamydia Global Health Issues Access to Health Care Resources: American Public Health Association (Links to an external site.) Healthy People 2020 (Links to an external site.) 1 Nevada Public Health Association: Nevada Health Matters Publications (Links to an external site.) Southern Nevada Health District: Health Topics (Links to an external site.) Any Professional Organizational Website (.org), examples are below: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) Remember, many major organizations also have a Nevada chapter. If you have questions, regarding credible resources, please email the theory instructor. Criteria for Success Purpose statement: Introduce a public health issue on the health of a community as a whole or a target population within the community. (1/2 page) Discuss in detail why the issue is a concern to Las Vegas community/Nevada/USA (1 page) Provide background information (statistics/EBP) regarding the issue of concern (1-2 pages) Describe how this public health issue creates a threat to a community or a target population (2-3 pages) Discuss what is currently being done to address the public health issue (laws, community resources, organizations) (1 page) Discuss gap(s) identified and potential interventions you see that could be implemented to address the gap(s) (1/2 page) Discuss in detail the role of different disciplines in addressing the public health issue such as Nurses, social workers, public health professionals, organizations, political leaders and law enforcement. (1 page) Conclusion (1/2 page) Mechanics of the Written Assignment Use a running head, title, and sub-headings per outline to organize your paper. Double-spaced, 12-pt font, 1- inch margins, Times New Roman font only A minimum of 5 credible references (such as major organizational sites and peer-reviewed journals). Journals may be from other disciplines besides nursing such as public health, social work, psychology, etc.

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