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Develop additional cases as appropriate. Conduct a concept analysis. Identify the antecedents and consequences as well as empirical referents.

Concept Analysis- Stress.

Complete a methodical analysis of a concept relevant to nursing. The concept to use is Stress. I have attached all details and what needs to be included in the presentation. I am pasting the email that the instructor sent to clarify directions as this may be helpful after the writer reviews the instructions. It has to be at least 3 sources but if the writer feels he/she need to use more you can. Email from instructor below. Hi class, I have gotten several emails and phone calls today related to the Concept Analysis Powerpoint which is due this Friday. I want to clarify….this is a powerpoint with lecture notes. Please carefully review the instructions, guidelines and grading rubric. Use the headers in the instructions as your header on your powerpoint and use bullets and lecture notes. I am pasting the instructions from the Unit 5 area below: NU 504 Theories in Nursing Concept Analysis Powerpoint Instructions & Grading Guideline Instructions 1. Write down all of the words you can think of which relate to or express your concept. 2. Ask colleagues to share their understandings of your concept. 3. Look up the concept in a large unabridged dictionary and list the definitions you feel most closely describe your feelings or thoughts on the concept. 4. Search the literature for journal articles and books related to the concept to get sense of the beliefs and thoughts of others in the discipline regarding the concept. Look for a theory/nursing theory related to this concept. 5. Begin the analysis powerpoint with an introductory paragraph expressing what the concept is and why it is significant to you and nursing. 6. Develop your own definition of the concept which from dictionary definitions and literature support including criteria for measurement of your concept in the real world. 7. Formulate a list of characteristics or criteria that describe the concept in measurable terms so the concept can be measured in the empirical world. Use your definition, your clinical and theoretical experience, research and literature articles and books to make the list complete. 8. Develop the Model Case. The model case is a brief situational description validating the concept including all of the characteristics you have listed which describe or make up the concept. 9. Develop additional cases as appropriate. Conduct a concept analysis. Identify the antecedents and consequences as well as empirical referents. Give a practice example when you have used your work. 10. Close with a summary. 11. The powerpoint should be prepared according to 6th Ed APA guidelines. The powerpoint should be well organized and not have errors in punctuation, grammar, or spelling. Please proofread your work, use spell check and have someone else also proofread for you. Quotes and paraphrased material appropriately cited in text according to APA guidelines 6th Edition.

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