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Discuss telecommunications and distributed connectivity systems as used by local and global teams.

Chapter 2 Case 1 p. 123 in the Fundamentals of Information Systems book. Write a 1200 word paper answering the questions below. The paper must be in research paper format and APA compliant. Please see specific rubric attached to guide the answers to the Case 1

Case 1 Questions to guide the paper for discussion:

What troubles did Kaiser run into when it first tried to implement the EHR system? Is Kaiser’s experience typical of leading-edge companies? If so, how?
Researchers associated with Kaiser Permanente have used the patient record database to make numerous worthwhile discoveries in the areas of preventing whooping cough, determining the correlation between HPV vaccination and sexual activity in young girls, improving methods of cancer detection, avoiding blood clots in women using birth control pills, and lowering cholesterol. Do you think that access to this valuable data should be granted to researchers not associated with Kaiser Permanente? Should researchers be charged a fee to access this data to help offset the ongoing cost of upgrading the system?
What strategic advantage does Kaiser gain from its EHR system?
What do you think are the greatest benefits of the HealthConnect system for Kaiser Permanente subscribers? Can you identify any potential risks or ethical issues associated with the use of this system for Kaiser healthcare plan subscribers? How would you answer these questions from the perspective of a physician or nurse?

du CISP510 Week 2 Individual Assignment latest 2016 april

Using the Internet, find out information about two current data mining projects being conducted by either a corporation or the government.

Determine the possible benefits that these projects offer.
Find out if there are any criticisms of these projects, such as privacy concerns.
Summarize findings in a 1200 APA formatted paper.

du CISP510 Week 3 Individual Assignment latest 2016 april

Individual Assignment 3

Using 1500 words and APA format:

Discuss telecommunications and distributed connectivity systems as used by local and global teams.
Cover the basic concepts related to networks and telecommunications, such as components of the network, network structure, local organization and types of networks depending on the geographical area that they will cover.
Discuss the impact of telecommunications in today’s businesses and in team performance and collaboration.

du CISP510 Week 4 report Assignment latest 2016 april

Conduct a CNET style”>( of a major Web tool supporting team performance.
Write a 3 – 5 content page minimum application review; researching and applying CNET format.
Be careful not to use an existing CNET review without proper citation. See rubric for grading details.

du CISP510 Week 5 Individual Assignment latest 2016 april

Using 1500 words and APA format:

Describe business requirement analysis methods
Describe at least three programming frameworks used by development software teams.
Discuss changes in businesses and technology making it more complex for software development teams to determine and satisfy user requirements. See Rubric for grading details.

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