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Discuss the role religion plays in the Renaissance Era and the literature created during the time period

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You should quote from your textbook & class notes, but NO outside sources will be allowed. Write your responses in YOUR own words! ALL answers must include multiple quotes from the texts to validate your answer. Quotations and examples from the text should only be quotes from the book “The Norton Anthology Western Literature Ninth Edition Volume 1 ISBN Number 978-0-393-93364-2. Also, the sentences should be full length, please follow the directions in the description. The following questions need to be answered as given. 1. 30 points) What are some significant historical events during each of the following literature eras that had a major influence on the works created during that time? Be very specific and detailed. State texts and explain through commentary places in which we can see those influences, societal traits, and characters within the works that were influenced as well. a. Ancient Literature ( I SUGGEST ANTIGONE ) b. Medieval Literature ( I SUGGEST BEOWULF ) c. Renaissance Literature ( I SUGGEST MILTON’S PARADISE LOST) 2. (30 points) Pick one text that we covered from Renaissance Literature. In 3 paragraphs (>15 sentences required for EACH): ( I SUGGEST THE STORY MILTON’S PARADISE LOST) a. Give a detailed summary of the text b. Tell HOW/WHY this text represents Renaissance Literature c. Connect this text to everyday life. How can YOU (not society) use the theme or moral of the text in your daily life? 3. (35 points) Read the sonnet, The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd (following page). Then in paragraph form, analyze it in the following ways: a. What symbols are present within the work? Explain. What do they mean? Represent? b. Name 3 literary devices used in the poem. Use quotes from the text and explain where in the work they are found, and what, if any, significance they provide for the work as a whole. c. Explain and historical significance the poem may have, by using events in history that would have made an impact on the author, thus making an impact on the work itself. 4. (40 points) Choose two of the following to discuss in paragraph form. Each answer should: • Be one healthy, meaningful paragraph each (>8-10 sentences required) • Include direct quotes and multiple examples from texts to show that your answer is valid • Highlight examples from multiple authors • Should explain, rather that tell a. Discuss the role religion plays in the Renaissance Era and the literature created during the time period. b. Discuss 3 literary elements that are present in an epic poem (like, The Odyssey) that are also present in Milton’s Paradise Lost. c. Contrast the idea of the frame story present in A Thousand and One Nights with The Heptameron. Explain 2 ways they differ in writing style. d. Do beneficial ends justify the means? Use at least 3 examples from The Prince and compare them to 3 modern day examples.

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