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Discuss whether the nutritional intake of the male fails to meet, meets or exceeds the dietary reference values for each component.

. Data is provided in the table below to enable you to calculate the specific nutrient values for each component used in the recipe given below for the chicken curry (which was prepared in the food technology practical for one person).
Energy kcals Protein (g) Total fat (g) S/ fat(g) CHO (g) Iron (mg) Sodium (mg) NSP (g)
Diced chicken 106 | 24 | 1.1 | 0.3 | 0 | 0.5 | 60 | 0
Chopped onion 36 |1.2 | 0.2| Tr |7.9 | 0.3| 3 | 1.4
Curry paste 283 | 4.8 |24.6 |1.8 |9.1| 12.8 |1370 |10.7
Plain yogurt 79 |5.7 |3.0 |1.7 |7.8 |0.1 |80 |0
Tinned chopped tomatoes 16 |1 |0.1 |Tr |3 |0.4 |39 |0.7
Oil 899 |Tr |99.9 |14.3 |0 |0.4 |Tr |0
Coriander – – – – – – – –
Basmati rice 359 | 7.4 |0.5 |N |79.8 |1.3| N|N

Data from ‘McCance and Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods’ 6th summary edition FSA, Microdiet software and manufacturer’s labels. There are no entries for coriander as the amount of nutrient in the above categories would be non-existent or virtually non-existent.
Note that the values given above are for 100g edible portion. (Tr = trace; N = the nutrient is present in significant quantities but there is no reliable information on the amount)

Chicken curry recipe:

150g diced chicken
60g chopped onion
45g curry paste
50g plain yogurt
200 g tinned tomatoes
7g oil
0.5g coriander
70g raw basmati rice

Tabulate your results to show the nutritional content of the recipe provided
20 marks
2. This table accurately reflects the nutrient content of a day’s dietary intake for a twenty five year old male (only some nutrients shown).
Energy kcals Protein(g) Fat(g) Saturated fat (g) Carbo-hydrate (g) Fibre (g) Sodium (mg)
Break-fast 691.2 | 19.3 |15.6 |4.3 |118.4 |2.4 |1030
Lunch 668.4 |17.5 |24.4 | 5.4 |94.7 | 3.3 |676
Evening Meal 902.7 |43.7 |40.3 |14.9 |91.3 | 7.1 |1199
Snacks 493.2 | 6.8 |22.0 |6.4 |67.0 |4.0 |515

a) Using a tabulated format copy the table above and include the correct dietary reference values for a twenty five year old male for comparison. 15 Marks

b) Discuss whether the nutritional intake of the male fails to meet, meets or exceeds the dietary reference values for each component. Consider what the long term health effects may be where a deficiency or excess is identified if this pattern of consumption continued . 35 Marks

3. List ten factors which are recognized as influencing a person’s food choices.
10 Marks

4. What is meant by the term ‘a balanced meal’? 5 marks

5. The principles of healthy eating have been discussed thoroughly in class,
a) What are the tips for eating well? 5 marks

b) Describe the ‘eat well plate’ and its purpose? 10 marks

Please include a word count, remember information provided in tables, headings, references etc are not included in the word count.

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