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Discuss your observations in light of your readings. (500 words)

Why is normal saline used for wound care to post-op patients instead of using povidone-iodine? Which is more suited as best practice to prevent infection?

You will be required to identify a nursing problem or issue that relates to the specialty area of practice in which you are completing your clinical placement for this unit. (done. refer to question above)

Once you have identified a nursing problem/issue you will need to develop this into a question for exploration which is subject to approval by your LIC/Tutor. This question needs to be realistic in the context of your speciality clinical placement in relation to nursing practice. This question will lead you to contemporary literature.(this is done already)

From your reading of this literature you will discover what is known or not known about your question. The information that you have gained from your reading and your observation of practice should then enable you to draw conclusions concerning your nursing question. You will then write a report summarising your finding.

Length and/or format:

1000 words +/- 10% written in Report format


In all of the specialty practice electives, instead of undertaking intensive laboratory work, students will complete a project in the real world laboratory of their specialty clinical placement. This teaching/learning strategy is referred to as “Project-Based Learning”. Through this the students gain knowledge on how to apply evidence based research to their practice and refine their clinical reasoning skills.

Evidence 30%

Provides extensive and detailed synopsis of the literature. Thoroughly critiques articles considering strengths and weakness of evidence provided. Clarifies evidence in support of alternative views. All literature is peer reviewed or primary resources from credible contemporary sources

Observation, Analysis & Evaluation 50%

Thoroughly analyses clinical practice in relation to the question. Discriminates rationally using reasonable judgment when evaluating and critiquing clinical practice against contemporary literature. Provides extensive consideration for changes to practice based

Referencing 5%

Accurate use of APA referencing style in all instances. A range of in-text citations has been used.

Mechanics- grammar, spelling and punctuation 5%

Flawless presentation. There are no errors with grammar, spelling and punctuation, and the meaning is easily discernible. The report reads without interruption.

Question 10%

Extensively discusses the background of the question providing insightful analyses of the rationale and identifying alternative questions

Why is normal saline used for wound care to post-op patients instead of using povidone-iodine? Which is more suited as best practice to prevent infection?

Assessment Task 1B – Project Report

Weighting: 30%

Length: 1000 words

Format: Report format- please review the ACU study guide for further information (link)

 Discuss your approved project question including background and rationale for choice (100


 Find three (3) – five (5) journal articles related specifically to your approved question and

provide a synopsis of your understanding of these articles. These articles MUST be either

peer-reviewed primary research journal articles or systematic reviews. (400 words)

 Whilst on placement take some time to critically observe the practices in your clinical area, in

relation to your question, and record your findings. Critical observation can include:

discussion, dialogue with clinicians in your area of speciality and/or observation of practice in

other areas.

 Discuss your observations in light of your readings. (500 words)

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