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-Does the author make claims about significance without providing an actual numerical value (p-value and/or t-stat)?

Do a multiple regression and a scatter graph with a line fit, and analyze its result using STATA. There should be a minimum of FOUR variables, one dependent variable and three independent variables.

You must have at least one of your variables have statistical significance for your paper. If none of your variables are statistically significant it makes it appear you are not building off the work of others.

Your independent variable should also be independent of one another, substantively different, and theoretically justifiable.

The dependent variable: Crime Rate
Independent variables: Abortion Rate, Unemployment Rate, and Drug Abuse. (if none of the independent variables are statistically significant, you should come up with one that is statistically significant)

The data should be from at least 30 years back until now.

VERY IMPORTANT: When the writer uploads the paper, he must also upload the data!*****


Chartrand, Hayley and Goodwin, Renee. “Drug Use, Abuse, and Dependence and the Persistence of Nicotine Dependence.” Nicotine & Tobacco Research, Volume 16, Number 12 (2014): 1606-1612.

Kubrin, Charis and Ousey, Graham. “Exploring the Connection Between Immigration and Violent Crime Rates in U.S. Cities, 1980–2000.” Oxford Journals Social Problems, Vol. 56, No. 3 (2009), pp. 447-473.

Land, Kenneth and Phillips, Julie. “The Link Between Unemployment and Crime Rate Fluctuations: An Analysis at the County, State, and National Levels.” Social Science Research 41 (2012). 681-694.

Levitt, Steven. “Understanding Why Crime Fell in the 1990s: Four Factors That Explain the Decline and Six That Do Not.” The Journal of Economics Perspectives. Vol. 18, No. 1. (2004), pp. 163-190.

Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf and Raphael, Steven. “Identifying the Effect of Unemployment on Crime.” Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 44, No. 1 (2001), pp. 259-283.

RUBRIC: It is crucial that you follow this rubric!!***

– The reader must be able to Summarize the research question of the paper after reading only the first paragraph. If it is impossible to tell, it will be an instant failure of the paper.
-Is there at least one Stata graph in the paper?
-Is there a regression calculation described in the paper?

-How many times did the author write in the first person (i.e., how many times did they say “I”, “my”, etc.)? This cannot happen
-How many times does the paper refer to a fact or make a claim without citation?
-Were there any poorly formatted tables? If so, how many?
-How many spelling and grammar mistakes did you find?

-Were citations in proper Chicago author-date style? If not, how many citations failed to meet this standard?
-How many items in the bibliography were not cited in the paper?
-How many graphs did not have a label of “Figure X” at the BOTTOM of the graph?
-How many tables did not have a label of “Table X” at the TOP of the graph?
-Does the paper have a title?
-Does the paper have page numbers?
-Is the name of the paper’s author listed on the first page?

-How many primary sources does the paper have in the bibliography?
(Remember, a primary source is an article from an academic journal.)

-How many graphs does the paper have that are difficult to read/understand? (This can be due to difficult to read numbers, failure to clearly label the x- or y-axis, etc.)
-Is the bibliography properly alphabetized?
-Overall, is the paper clearly written?
-Does the paper have a clear conclusion?
-Does the paper have at least one scatter graph created in Stata?
-Does the scatter graph have a line fit plotted on it?
-Does the author make claims about correlation without providing an actual numerical value (R-squared and/or correlation coefficient)?
-Does the author make claims about significance without providing an actual numerical value (p-value and/or t-stat)?

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