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Ethical Or Legal Consideration For Nurses

Ethical Or Legal Consideration For Nurses In The Use Of Social And Digital Media Digital media entails media encoded to machine-readable format. In this kind of media, the information can be viewed, distributed, and then saved it is in a computer. It is the format at which the data is saved depends whether output is audio, video, or mpg. Software developers have immensely contributed in coming up with evolution and creation of better data management softwares. Software developers acquire copyright to protect and safeguard developers innovation. Social media involves individuals interaction via software designed to share or exchange information virtual communities. In these sites privacy it is also a priority, a move geared to keeping securing users interests. Social media has been in the in lead in promoting globalization around the globe. Almost 80% of youths population around use social media platforms to interact with friends globally. According to a research done in 2012 it was estimated that total time spend in social media was 121 billion an increase of 37 opposed to 2011 where by the total time spend in in social media was 88 billion minutes. Digital media has made social media a success due progressive innovative software development globally. It is only via internet the users can share or communicate in social media. It is important for nurses to keep professionalism and ethics to maintain public trust. It is from existing code of ethics nurses services are measured. Nurses organizations in Australia have used social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook to seek, advice and share information regarding nurses ethics and conduct at work. Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) have been employing use of Social media platforms to share information about midwifery and development if polices concerning nurses job. Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency, work closely with ANF to deliberate on best nursing profession policies. In their social media, page stakeholders share testimonials as a way of promoting and building nursing sector ( It is in this page software developers get to know the need the sector faces and the digital media solution it demands for it to succeed. ANF has been in frontline in promoting public participation in building of nursing sector in Australia. The government has been on rise advocating for user- generated content in social media platforms, and other forums health sector provides. Laws enacted in Australia regarding professional expectations from a nurse a role taken by National boards. For instance, section 133 of national laws gives guidelines concerning health practitioners advertisements. The law gives clear disciplinary action to be taken in case the practitioners fail to adhere to guidelines. Otherwise, the laws play important role in maintaining sanity within nursing fraternity in Australia ( Polices enacted should protect both society and nurses to avoid conflict of interests thus attaining best service delivery in Australia. Australia need to turf privacy and confidentiality laws to protect patients from unethical nurses who disclose patients medical information to the public. The policy must also seek to prevent excessive patient information disclosure. Promoting professional competence campaign in nursing profession can also bring change in nursing management issues. Professional boundaries it is an important concern because it protects vulnerable patients form malicious nurses who sometimes ends up violating them. ANF has warned its members from tided online relationships with the patients/users in social media. Professionalism must remain paramount aspect to promoted trust from the entire public ( References Social Media And Ethical Concerns For Healthcare Professionals from Marie Ennis-O’Connor

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