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Explain the benefits of your solution using sound arguments, data (if appropriate), and relevant sources (at least two).

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Health Care ” concept paper” Concept Paper Guidelines are below, please let me know if you have questions. Sometimes an organization requires applicants to submit a concept paper for review and approval prior to the submission of a full proposal. The development of a concept paper serves two purposes: 1) it allows the applicants to receive informal feedback on their ideas and projects before submitting a full proposal, and 2) it provides an opportunity for the funding or supporting organization to give feedback and guide applicants toward project ideas that are more likely to be supported. Title The title should be concise, but descriptive. Team Resume (1/2 page): Include team name, names of project team members, brief list of team assets (highlighting the group members’ strengths that the organization can benefit from) Project Partner(s) (1 paragraph): Short description of your community partner. If you do not have a partner, then describe the type of community organization that might benefit from your project. The project partner(s) may include representatives of the University and/or community organization. Include background information on the partner including history, mission, and major services offered. Need/Problem Statement (1 paragraph): Identify the problem, need, or opportunity to be addressed. Your community partner should be a primary source for this information in addition to any research you conduct. Background/Significance of the Problem (1-2 paragraphs) Include information gathered from your research about the history of the problem, the target population, statistical information, etc. (include at least three sources with in-text citations in APA format). Ideas for information to include here are: Length of time problem/need/opportunity has existed Whether or not the problem has been addressed before, and if it was, what the outcome was Impact of the problem on the target population and other stakeholders Evidence may include anecdotes, (quotations/testimonials) as a result of any information from stakeholders. Use data that best support the case you are building, if appropriate. Sketch of Your Proposed Solution, or Project Design (1-3 paragraphs) Overarching goal. Explain the basic elements of your project including details of the target population, what services/activities are going to be performed, and how your group’s project intends to address the problem. Benefits of Your Solution/Project (1-2 paragraphs) Explain the benefits of your solution using sound arguments, data (if appropriate), and relevant sources (at least two). Deliverables: List the major action items and/or products you plan to deliver to your community partner and when (see example below which is not exhaustive); this list should be for both semesters: Final Concept Note to partner, 12/20/2019 Final full proposal to partner, 1/30/2020 Commence community action plan and obtain feedback on Capstone product, 1/15/2020 Reference Page: Include a reference page in APA format listing all sources cited within your Concept Paper Appendix Include any attachments that you would like for your community partner to review, e.g., storyboards, sketches, outlines, charts/graphs, marketing collateral/graphic designs, etc. Format: 1.5 space, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins, page numbers, two to five pages max. Concept Paper Guidelines.docx 2. Assignment Submission Text Submission Write Submission Attach Files 3. Add

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