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. Explain the meaning of passion. Compare two actors in terms of passion.

The paper should not be longer than seveb (7) pages (excluding a cover page, appendix, and references). A traditional essay format is not necessary for this assignment (e.g., No introduction is required. Start with a question number and then write your answers.)
2. All written work should be of professional quality. If you cannot communicate clearly, the quality of your ideas will not be apparent. Written work should be designed for ease of reading.
3. Choose clear fonts in a suitable size, for example – Times New Roman at 12 pt (nothing smaller, please!). Use 1.5 line spacing, with at least 2.5 cm margins at the left, right, top and bottom of the page. Any work that exceeds the specified maximum size will be ignored. Modern word processing software includes tools such as spelling and grammar checkers that can help ensure the quality of your work. Up to 10% of the maximum mark for any assignment may be deducted for errors in spelling and/or grammar.
4. Make sure that the paper is written by your own words and that all the references used need to be explicitly described in the body and at the end of the paper.
Assignment Six – Due: Refer to the class schedule on the D2L

For this assignment you work in a group (1 to 3 people per group). In case of 4 people group, your mark will be deducted by 5%.

Part I (Social Media Monitoring)
We are going to compare two movie actors “Tom Cruise” and “Brad Pitt”. We will use only two keywords: “Tom Cruise” and “Brad Pitt” for this comparison. Visit and to run the tools. Answer the following questions based on the results

1. Run the tool in with the two keywords respectively. Paste the first page of the result screen for each actor (2points)

2. Who were mentioned more in social media? Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? Justify your answer. (4 points)

3. Who received higher ratio of positive mentions to negative mentions? Justify your answer. (4 points)

4. Explain the meaning of passion. Compare two actors in terms of passion. (4 points)

5. With tool, Show two actors’ search trends in one chart. Copy and paste the first page of the screen here. (2 points)

6. Compare and explain the two actors’ search trend since 2005 (4 points)

7. List the top two provinces, which show highest search for “Tom Cruise” in Canada? (2 points)

8. List the top two states, which show highest search for “Brad Pitt” in USA? (2 points)

9. Write your opinion who are more popular considering the results above. Justify your opinion. Please include at least the 3 results of the questions above (Q1 – Q8) in your justification. (6 points)

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