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explain why both the colonial state and also various Reformist and Nationalist groups of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century failed to build a broad coalition of support.

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An informed analysis of the readings

Paper details:

The most important things are to write an informed analysis of the readings, and no outside sources are needed rather than the primary source (text) Question: Using specific examples from the primary sources listed below explain why both the colonial state and also various Reformist and Nationalist groups of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century failed to build a broad coalition of support. Consider the ways in which issues of race, class, caste, religious identity, and gender appeared as divisive issues in the efforts to build political support for these groups. To create a more specific focus for your paper, make sure to focus on EITHER the colonial state, OR a Reformist group, OR a Nationalist organization. In other words, pick one. You may also choose to restrict your chronological focus in your paper, and also which aspects of social difference you want to address in your paper, but make sure that your thesis clearly states what your focus will be. For example, if you only want to talk about gender differences and their politics within Social Reform groups in Colonial India from 1880-1920, that is fine, but make sure you build your thesis clearly around this focus and ensure that your thesis actually answers the prompt. It would be more helpful for you to have a narrow focus, rather than an overly broad one for this paper. Tarabai Shinde’s “A Comparison of Men and Women,” Instructions Formulate a clear analytical thesis that responds to the question posed above. Make sure you have sufficient evidence from the primary sources you select to back up your argument. The bulk of your citations should be for primary sources. Use only class texts to do this assignment. Format Papers will be short 5 page papers, double spaced, one inch margins. You may use parenthetical citation in these shorter papers: for example (Sarkar 24). You may have your classmates proof-read or comment on your paper, in fact, I encourage each of you to do this, but make sure that you acknowledge the help you get in your paper. This is a part of practicing academic honesty. A short note at the end of the paper acknowledging any help from other people is a good idea. Make sure that these short papers are analytical and express your own views, rather than summarizing the original text, or offer weak personal reactions not backed up by evidence from the text. In other words, I am asking for an informed analysis of the readings, not descriptive summaries or emotional reactions. Even if you agree 100% with an author, you need to explain why that argument is well-structured, or convincing, or provide the historical/social context for it. In the case of primary documents make sure that you contextualize that document historically. Additional help Please see paper guidelines posted on the class website to understand what makes a good “A” grade paper. You are also encouraged to prepare drafts and revise. Other than myself and your TAs you are also encouraged to use the resources provided by the History Writing Center.

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