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For this Assignment, you will play the role of a consulting I/O psychologist for PsychSouth Healthcare where your friend is Director of Human Resources. Use the Team Area below Unit 10 to communicate with each other about completing the Wiki. Scenario: PsychSouth Healthcare Your friend is the Director of Human Resources at PsychSouth Healthcare. She calls you, because she recently received a report from a consulting psychologist that made some recommendations for PsychSouth about which your friend is concerned. You, as someone with knowledge of I/O Psychology, will help your friend by doing the following: Read PsychSouth’s Operational and Strategic Plan and also the Consulting Psychologist’s Executive Summary. Below is a list of the original recommendations taken from the Executive Summary written for PsychSouth. Each team member must take a primary responsibility over one recommendation. For each recommendation listed in the Executive Summary, you may choose to first spend some time with your group researching and brainstorming possible problems with the recommendation.Problems may emerge as you consider the first consultant’s recommendations in light of the APA Code of Ethics, federal anti-discrimination laws, the logistics, timelines, or resources needed to implement the recommendation, the sufficiency of detail in the recommendation for PsychSouth to take decisive action, and other logical considerations. The APA Ethics Code is available here: Information about federal anti-discrimination laws is available here: Each team member has a primary responsibility over one of the recommendations. For each of the recommendations summarize the following: A) the exact problem(s) you found with that recommendation, if any; and B) how you would modify or alter the recommendation to improve its ethics or feasibility. You should summarize these in the form of a consulting report, which you would submit to your friend. The consulting report should address the following parts: Title Page Executive Summary (one to two paragraphs) Explanation of the purpose of the report Background information on PsychSouth, including the structure and design of the company and the current problems it is trying to address Background information on the role and importance of ethical, legal, individual, and sociocultural dimensions of employee retention interventions Critique of the consulting psychologist’s recommendations Alternative recommendations for PsychSouth References Use APA style formatting. Your consulting report should be a minimum of five pages (not including the title page or references sections). Your team will be graded based on the information you provide in the report, including the Unit 5 Assignment Table. In addition, you must also complete the Peer Evaluation Form. Each member of the team should contribute equally to the consulting report. Before you begin, determine which recommendation from the table each team member will be primarily responsible for completing. Next, review the section of the consulting report and the tasks required to complete the Assignment. Divide the tasks and roles equally.

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