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identify and analyze the different literary genres of fiction, poetry, and drama and understand how their respective elements affect their quality and context

The goal of this course is to identify and analyze the different literary genres of fiction, poetry, and drama and understand how their respective elements affect their quality and context. For this assignment, you must write a literary analysis research essay using 4-5 assigned texts from the Drama, Fiction and Poetry Units. You must use at least one text from each unit; review the syllabus as needed. Select texts that are similar in topic. (The topic/theme I chose is betrayal)Justice, Forgiveness, Love, Betrayal, Friendship, Triumph, Shame / Secrets, Identity (race, gender, class, social position, etc.), Family, Literary element (irony, humor, suspense, etc.), and Other (be specific).Based on the aforementioned topic, how does your personal life compare to those characters’ experiences? Write a literary analysis essay that explores the topic and includes your perspective. Do some research on your subject and see what information is available on the topic, author and/or the texts you chose.You must include three outside resources as material to support your analysis. Acceptable materials will derive from library research databases, journal articles and critical studies (books). Note: internet-based materials such as a website (eg: or a review /summary of the text (eg: user review) are unacceptable. Use the library catalog & databases (EBSCO & JSTOR are best) to locate research materials that provide critical analysis of your topic. To find the book / critical study source, first search Google Books and preview texts that make sense. Remember – it must be a factual data-oriented text, such as a Psychology or History book.Use your unit exams and discussion notes to help formulate your essay! Because journal publications are more current than their book-manuscript counterparts, it is required that at least one of your secondary texts be from a peer-reviewed journal publication. Also, at least one of your outside sources must derive from a book. The third source can be from another book, news (such as CNN or NYT) or from a journal publication.In order to successfully complete this Research Paper assignment, write an essay of 3000-3500 words in Times New Roman 12pt font that discusses one of the aforementioned topics. You must include in-text citations and a Works Cited page. As you know, the Works Cited page is not included towards the page count/word count and cover pages are unacceptable. As a research paper, it is understood that citation quotes from all the required sources should be included in the essay and the texts should be listed in the Works Cited. Adhere to MLA format and paper guidelines, since papers improperly formatted will be penalized. Refer to your syllabus and Rules for Writers for formatting instructions. Note the syllabus “Grading Standards” for the specific rubric.4 texts from the course are as follows:1) I am Trying to Break Your Heart by Kevin Young Blink Your Eyes by Sekou Sundiata The Boss by Robert Coover The Women by Clare Booth Luce

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