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identify and formulate an inquiry question that defines what you’d like to learn

October 25, 2019 Off All,

Literature Review Assignment: Topic of research: Mental Health : Depression, Anxiety Any Topic related to Mental Health would work. This assignment is a literature review of at least 10 sources presented in an integrative and critical fashion. Include a PRISMA diagram for the entire review but only include the 10 sources in the Evidence Table and your references. Use an APA referencing style. Please ensure the Assignment Attachment Form (file is on Moodle week 3) is the FIRST page of your assignment. All assignments will be submitted on Moodle. A Literature Review is a review of the literature directly related to the topic or problem of interest, followed by an explanation of how your research question grows out of that review, that is, showing how you identify your own research focus in term of a “gap” in previous research. The purpose of the literature review is to know what others have discovered, to ground your study idea in a particular context of what is known about a subject in order to establish a foundation for the topic (or question) being researched. The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate your abilities to research a topic of study so you can learn to: (1) identify and formulate an inquiry question that defines what you’d like to learn, (2) know how to search and locate literature using library and internet resources; (3) analyze information found in scholarly journal articles, (4) synthesize new knowledge into a written literature review and (5) establish context for your inquiries. Assignment Description: For this assignment, you are asked to complete a literature review on a health topic of your choice. You are asked to locate at least 10 peer reviewed journal articles on your topic and write a 5-6 page (double spaced with charts and diagrams included) literature review on the articles you have selected. Steps to complete your literature review: 1. Choose a topic that you are interested in studying 2. Formulate an inquiry question that specifically describes what you would like to know about your topic 3. Go to the library (or e-resources via to search for and locate journals that include your topic’s information (refer to lectures from weeks 3 and 4 as well as your first year). 4. Find articles, read the abstracts and skim the articles to determine if they correspond well to your topic AND inquiry question. 5. Select at least 10 journal articles. 6. Read your articles and begin to sort and classify them according to their findings 7. Organize your articles by sorting and classifying their findings in a meaningful way, always considering your original topic and inquiry question. 8. Write an outline for your literature review. 9. Write your review

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