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Identity a specific client system (individual. group or family) and describe the model/theoretical frame work that was used to guide practice. In the case I want to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

3/ 8/2015) but please send sooner in case it needs revision.

Students will write an 8 page APA style paper using material from course readings (see down below for book that needs to be utilized), lectures, and appropriate outside materials to critically assess their clinical practice with individuals” groups” or families. Students will write critically assess their own clinical practice with a client with attention to the following issues:

(1) What are my agency’s mission, function and organizational goals? What models or theoretical frameworks are espoused by my agency?

(2) Identity a specific client system (individual. group or family) and describe the model/theoretical frame work that was used to guide practice. In the case I want to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

(3) Based on what criteria was this model selected for used with this client system (discuss “FIT” between characteristics of client system and model components/tenets).

(4) Describe any prevention interventions that have been helpful in enhancing the client’s capacity

(5) Describe current stage of clinical work with this client (e.g. beginning work, have had 3 sessions or middle phase of work, have had multiple sessions) and discuss the primary aims of intervention at this phase within the context of the model/framework being used.

(6) Evaluate a practice recording with this client to assess the extent to which the skills being used in the session can be specifically linked back to this model. (In this case you will be incorporating within the paper a practice recording between you (worker & the Client) so you will record a word for word conversation of important things you and this client spoke about) There must be at least 8-10 exchange (back and forth) between you and this client.

Example of the format to be written in the paper:

W. So you mentioned that you and your father do not get along, how does this make you feel?

C. It makes me feel unwanted, as if I am not important


a. Label specific skills

b. Evaluate client responses

c. Evaluate student responses in terms of (level of empathy, fit within given model, appropriateness to situation, what student could/should have done differently).

****Most important part of the paper: Must be done per the professor request*****

(7) Assess and reflect upon practice with this client system and determine current practice needs moving forward.

a. To what extent does actual practice correspond to the tenets of the ascribed model?

b. Describe considerations for ending with this client or transitioning client to another worker/service.

c. Are there any changes that need to be made in order to better meet the specific needs of the client system and improve practice?

I. Is this model of intervention still determined to be appropriate? If not, what model might be a better fit?

II. What training needs (formal or informal) would facilitate practice?

III. Does the current model/approach need to be adapted to better meet the cultural needs of client system? If so how?

IV. Does student need to utilize supervision more differently in order to improve practice?

V. Other changes necessary at this stage of practice?

Social Work Treatment Interlocking Theoretical Approaches 5th Fifth

By Francis J. Tuner

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