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• In what way are theoretical frameworks useful from the perspective of stakeholders represented in them

Task 3 – Analysing a contemporary Australian public health policy using a theoretical framework – illicit drug use
Guidance on how to complete this task 1. Choose a specific topic (e.g. one illicit drug) to focus on in your assessment task. Suggestions are:  Cannabis (Marijuana)  Amphetamine-type stimulants  MDMA (Ecstasy)  Heroin or other opioids  Cocaine Useful websites to assist you in selecting an illicit drug to focus on: Australian Crime Commission Australian Government. Australian Institute of Criminology 2. Choose a theoretical framework for your Assessment Task. You can choose one that has been covered in our lectures or another that you locate in the literature. Frameworks covered in lectures this semester:  Kingdon’s Theory – Policy Streams (Kingdon, 1995)  Advocacy Coalition Framework (Sabatier, 1988)  Theorization of Coalition Structuring (TCS) (Lemieux, 1998)  The Australian Policy Cycle (Althaus et al., 2013, Coveney, 2010)  Alford’s Structural Model (Williamson, 2008)
Other useful frameworks for policy:  Buse, Mays and Walt, Health Policy Triangle (Buse et al., 2012)  Collin’s Health Policy Analysis Tool (Collins, 2005) 3. Read the Assessment Task Description in the Subject Outline: “Theoretical frameworks assist us to understand a policy area in a way that makes relationships of influence more clear. This assessment will give you the opportunity to integrate the major themes of this course and apply them to understand one aspect of the public health policy area – illicit drug use. You will:  Explore and discuss the international policy actions which influence national, regional and local decisions  Use a theoretical framework to analyse the Australian policy agenda for a selected aspect of a policy area.  Identify the strategies and unique perspectives for the stakeholders 4. Structure your Assessment Task using the marking Criteria in the Subject Outline: Note: Students in HAS 835 are not required to address Criterion 5 in the table below (Refer to Subject Outline) Assignments will be submitted online to the Moodle site for the subject. Assessment Criteria Explanation of the criteria Mark /45
1. Select and describe a theoretical framework for public policy development
Briefly identify a framework of your choice and explain its origin
/5 2. Describe the policy area using the chosen framework Explain how the policy area translates into the elements of the framework • Identification of stakeholder groups • Identification of existing policies • Identification of political context /10
3. Review of current policy using the framework to organise your response
• Succinct summary of what has been implemented at national and regional levels
• Comments on the effectiveness of reviewed policies and an explanation of how effectiveness was evaluated
• Discussion of current policy impact on public health principles – equity; social justice; social determinants
/10 4. Discussion of alternative strategies • Identification of tensions and alliances within the stakeholder groups • Discussion of the evidence of policy alternatives • Discussion of potential impact of the alternative policy on public health principles – equity; social justice; social determinants /10
5. Analysis of the usefulness of theoretical frameworks
• In what way are theoretical frameworks useful from the perspective of stakeholders represented in them
• What are the limitations of theoretical frameworks

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