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Please expand more on the importance of nursing organizations

1. Please expand more on the importance of nursing organizations 2. How the American Nurses Association is an all encompassing voice 3. Joining a nursing organization is an important roll for every nurse in any field. This is the post the paper needs to respond to: Professional nursing organizations and associations are both an essential and integral part of the nursing profession. Nursing organizations include the American Nurses Association, Sigma Theta Tau, National League for Nursing amongst many others. Nursing organizations date back into the 19th century, these organizations achieved passage of state nurse registration acts, providing a licensure system for nurses (Penn Nursing, n.d.). Currently, nursing organizations unite millions of nurses in establishing one voice, leading to political advocacy on local, state, and national levels. When nurses become one, the result is change. Membership in a professional nursing organization keeps nurses up to date with current events, provide continuing education, certifications, and educational opportunities. Nursing organizations provide and encourage the latest use of evidence-based practice to enhance nursing care. They hold conferences multiple times a year across the country, bringing nurses together to share ideas, education, and best practice. (Matthews, 2012) Another great aspect of nursing organization is the networking they provide nurses, creating relationships around the world. Nursing organizations provide nurses with a wide variety of opportunities and support (Penn Nursing, n.d.). One organization would not be sufficient enough to be the voice of nursing. All of the organizations together provide an all-encompassing approach towards nursing. There are so many specialty fields of nursing that it would be nearly impossible to incorporate all into one, singular organization. (Matthews, 2012) Each specialty area of nursing has their own nursing organization that coincides with it. The American Nurses Association (ANA) encompasses all aspects of nursing, aiming to create one unified team and voice of nurses. The ANA can be viewed as the mother of all nursing organizations, filled with smaller specialty ones. (Matthews, 2012) Without a proper, unified nursing organization nurses opinions, thoughts, and advocacy for themselves and others would not be heard world-wide. Currently, the writer is a member of the American Nurses Association (ANA). Being a part of the ANA provides up to date healthcare news, political updates, and best practice models. The ANA also provides access to online nursing journals for research and hosts conferences nation-wide. The ANA was founded in the late 19th century and currently represents all registered nurses throughout the United States. The ANA supports career development and establishes nursing networks. The ANA has had bold political impact both in the past and currently, especially with the ever-changing health care system. (Matthews, 2012) The ANA supports nurses and their efforts, and it is a great organization to be a part of. Reference: Matthews, J. (2012). Role of Professional Organizations in Advocating for the Nursing Profession. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing,17. doi:10.3912/OJIN.Vol17No01Man03 Penn Nursing. (n.d.). American Nursing: An Introduction to the Past. Retrieved March 20, 2019, from

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