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Prepare a 5- to 8-minute narrated presentation that you would present to a board of directors, describing the goals and plan for your program or charter school.

Page 1: Go to Youtube and under search type in the title. Respond to each bullet and highlight the bullet when you respond. Discussion: School Choice Reforms and Underserved Students View Waiting for Superman: Anthony Clip [2:02]. Note. If you have not seen the movie, it is available on Netflix or Amazon. Read Just the FAQsSchool Choice from the Center for Educational Reform. Explore the Parent Power Index 2015 from the Center for Educational Reform. Research a news article on how school choice reform has or has not provided educational equity opportunities for underserved populations. Post a link of your example in the School Choice Reforms and Underserved Students discussion forum. Include the following with your link: – A brief summary – An evaluation of the school choice reform – Why it worked, or – Why it did not work Boys & Girls Clubs of America Page 2: Educational Equity Blog: Underserved Populations Research an article, video, documentary, or paper that addresses educational success for underserved students. You may use an example from this weeks readings or an article relevant to your current educational setting. Write a 250- word blog post based on the implications of the research for addressing the needs of underserved students in any level of P16 education. Post a link to your blog in the Underserved Populations discussion forum by Page 3 and 4: Create 8 to 10 paragraphs with heading to answer this assignment. Addressing the Needs of an Underserved Population This weeks videos and readings provide examples of establishing a culture of equity in schools. Dorinda Carter Andrews and Pedro Noguera provide specific examples of creating equitable learning environments. Laura Rendon focuses on the power of mentoring as a pathway towards graduation. Linda Harper shares her experience in developing a program that addresses the needs of students with severe behavior infractions. Estrella Olivares-Orellana shares her success in working with immigrant youth. Allie Bidwell provides insight on Charter School Equity. The documentary Waiting for Superman presents the hopes and disappointments of access to Charter Schools through a lottery program. Propose a new program or charter school that supports the need or needs of an underserved population. Identify a specific educational goal for your program. Examples of goals may include, but are not limited to the following: – Access to preschool education – Community outreach – Giving students of diversity a voice – Reduction of suspension rates – High school graduation – College graduation Research current statistics on your identified goals for your selected underserved population. Create a plan to address the goals. Prepare a 5- to 8-minute narrated presentation that you would present to a board of directors, describing the goals and plan for your program or charter school. Your presentation may be a a Prezi, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, or video. Post your presentation in the Addressing the Needs on an Underserved Population.

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