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Provide your perspectives on this question, “Is too much privacy bad for your health?” (Georgia State Law Review). Support your answer / perspectives

April 6, 2019 Off All,

Part A: Develop your answers referencing the readings in the Module Answers for Questions 1, 2, 3, and 4 should be at least 150 words Post your answers to Canvas under the Group you are assigned. Post your answers by the dates specified so that members of your assigned Group have time to post their reaction comments and question. Late posting of Answers will result in a loss of ten (10) points for that Module Assignment Part B: Develop comments to ONE other student’s answers in your assigned group. Select a student to whom no one has already commented. Post your comments following the student’s answers. All comment postings are due by the stated due date Reaction comments must be at least 50 words Pose at least ONE (1) question back to your fellow group member. Question should solicit more than a “yes” or “no” answer. Students are expected to comment respectfully. A late posting of Comments will result in a ten (10) point deduction for that Module Assignment . Part C: Respond to the question posed by the Group member who asked you a question. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Module Question Focus : Privacy Act; Mental Health; Hospital laws; EMTALA; Rehab Act; ADA; Veterans Care; Public/Private Health Insurance Question 1: (10 points ) Hospital emergency room ; Disability Frank is a 68 year old who is experiencing some severe gastrointestinal pain. It is Sunday afternoon. Frank decides he needs to seek immediate medical attention. So, he goes to his local county hospital, which accepts Medicare reimbursements. Because Frank is unable to stand and walk due to permanent injuries he incurred while in the military, he is confined to a wheel chair. In the emergency room, the hospital is not equipped to serve patients who present being unable to walk or stand. The hospital immediately transfers Frank to the VA hospital emergency room in Indianapolis. Explain why or why not the county hospital can immediately transfer Frank. Question 2 : (10 points) Confidentiality 2a. Provide your perspectives on this question, “Is too much privacy bad for your health?” (Georgia State Law Review). Support your answer / perspectives. 2b. Besides possible embarrassment for the patient, why is confidentiality of patient information important? Question 3: (10 pts) Medicare and Medicaid 3a. Why is Medicare such an important Law (not a program) to be enacted and monitored at the federal level versus the state level? Explain. 3b. What are the negatives related to the Medicare law? How could the states “fix” those negatives? Explain. Question 4: (10 pts) State health insurance 4a. Why are state statutes and regulations of health insurance companies important? Explain. 4b. Why are statutes and regulations for health insurance companies controlled at the state level versus the federal level? Explain.

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