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Self-assessment and personal development plan

Self-assessment and personal development plan
The module provides students with opportunities to experience aspects of project team leadership, membership and managing relations in project environments, and to develop a depth of understanding in related theory. Using their experience on the module, students will assess their own behavioural/personal competence in the context of project management. The self-assessment will be supported by evidence and/or examples of their behaviour gathered throughout the module. From the self-assessment they will produce a personal development plan (PDP) to further develop their behavioural/personal competence. Key aspects of the self-assessment and PDP will be supported by an essay of approximately 1500 words that conceptualises their experience using knowledge of theories, models or concepts developed during the module. The task begins at the start of the module and continues throughout. Any specific instructions: Students are required to submit a single document including the self-assessment, PDP and essay. The document should include: Title page Contents page Introduction to the competency framework used and justification for its use Self-assessment, in tabular form, including: the behavioural/personal competence assessed the current level of competence the required level of competence appended evidence and/or documented examples supporting the assessment PDP, in tabular form, including development needs or opportunities (the gap between current and required levels of competence) (a maximum of three development needs is recommended) action plan to develop competence including activities to be undertaken by the student, any support or resources the student may require, the criteria for assessing successful development and target review and completion dates Essay, explaining how theories, models or concepts have been used to conceptualise the students experience and support the self-assessment and PDP References Mark scheme: Weighting Presentation and structure The self-assessment and PDP should be presented in tabular format according to the chosen framework. Tables should be neatly presented, e.g. with headings repeated over pages and columns spaced appropriately for the text they contain, using portrait and landscape formatting as appropriate. The essay should follow the structure advised and word limit of 1500 words (+/- 10%) 20 Use and presentation of Harvard referencing Correct and consistent use of HBS Harvard referencing. 05 Content PDP (content as per point 4 above) 15 Self-assessment (content as per point 4 above, including evidence and examples) 15 Breadth, depth and integration of literature Use of literature to conceptualise the students experience and identify development needs. Theory should not be described. 15 Discussion, analysis and critical evaluation and reflection Marks will be given for the line of argument developing from the students choice of competences, through the evaluation of their own capability and reflection using theory to reach the conclusions and recommendations shown in the PDP. The essay should be reflective showing how students have conceptualised personal experience. 40 Total 100 A presentation has been done in the class Table, diagram or figures is included I have also attached what we have done so far for the group assignment in case if you want to see

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