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Summarize and analyze the case, making sure to include the following components

Summarize and analyze the case, making sure to include the following components: (Use an appropriate heading for each of these components) 1) A title page 2) A detailed summary of the incident leading to the lawsuit 3) The names and roles of the parties involved 4)A Description of each of the Elements of Negligence involved in the case. Address each element listed, define what it is, and indicate how it applies or does not apply to your specific case: 1. Duty to care, 2. Breach of duty, 3. Injury, 4. Causation 5) A summary of the legal outcome of the case 6) Your analysis of the relevance of the issues raised to your own professional practice (respiratory therapist) 7) APA formatted references – At least two (2) references (complete and in APA format); your references should include the results of your research on WestLaw and/or Google Scholar. 8) In-text citations must be included for all sections with the exception of your personal analysis (section 6). These must be in APA format Use WestLaw Next Campus Research or Google Scholar: * Your summary must be written in your own words, not copied and pasted from WestLaw, Google Scholar or any other sources. * The goal of the written assignments in this course are for you to develop and present your own perspectives on the topic, not to report other published perspectives. This is a relatively short paper, and the percent of exact matches on the plagiarism detection tool will be reached quicker than with a longer paper. * Do NOT copy/paste statements from the legal document. A good strategy for proper paraphrasing is to read the information from each source, then set it aside. Write your own version of what was reported in the source as though you are explaining it to someone else. Remember that all factual information that you glean from a source must have a proper citation to indicate where you found it. Direct quotes should be used sparingly if at all and must be in quotation marks along with a proper citation. * All sources including the case itself must be included in the reference section of your paper. * Your essay should be a minimum of 900 words, not including references, in order to adequately address all of the categories in the outline. * Your paper should be double-spaced, 12 font with proper formatting, sentence structure and punctuation. A professional writing style using basic APA format should be utilized. Avoid informal language or slang terms. Inaccurate or incomplete sections will not receive full credit. * All written assignments require that you cite the source(s) of your information. * Sources must be formatted according to the APA style and must include the author, date of publication and title of the article. The URL link to the source must also be included if you access the article online

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