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November 17, 2019 Off All,


With your chosen topic on US history to 1876, do a write up with the instructions below; You will need to write a 3-5 page paper that answers the questions below. This must all be in your own words and limit any quotations from you article to a sentence or less with no more than 2 total quotations. AND you must attach a pdf file of the ENTIRE article as well or you will not receive credit. You can download the article in PDF format from the database. Content Questions : Addressing these questions helps you demonstrate that you have read and comprehended your paper, and that you can summarize it effectively. Analysis and criticism are great, but it will not make any sense to me if you haven’t first clearly explained to me what the article was about. 11/16/2019 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 5/7 What is the topic of this historian’s article? What is the author’s main argument or point? What sources of historical evidence does the author use? (old books and letters and diaries? physical artifacts like tools and buildings and works of art and weapons? legal records?) How does the author use her or his evidence to support the main argument? Does the author of the article discuss what other historians have said about this topic? If so, where does this author agree or disagree with the other historians? Analytical Questions These are questions that show that not only can you comprehend and summarize the article, you can also thoughtfully consider its strengths and weak nesses. You will not receive all of the points, if you do not demonstrate an ability to give substantive thought to these questions. Has the author clearly made an argument about what happened in the past concerning a specific topic or set of topics, why it happened, and why it is important? How bold is the author’s argument? Is it more modest or more grandiose? In your opinion, how well has the author proven his or grandiose? In your opinion, how well has the author proven his or her point? Hint: Oftentimes, students will complain that the author is not making moral judgments or recommendations; that the author is not flat-out saying, for example, “I think we should not have fought in Vietnam.” But that is not the sort of argument historians get paid to make! Instead, they try to argue about what happened, why it happened, and how we should understand the meaning of it. Those are the sorts of arguments you want to look for and to evaluate. Are there any limitations or difficulties with the evidence and how the author uses it? A good historian raises new questions about old topics. Does this article suggest any new questions or issues to you? Is the article well-organized and easy to follow? What could make for improvements? If you say “it was too long” or “it was too short,” can you suggest particular things that should be removed or added? Overall, what do you think of the article

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