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Why did many black mothers fail to qualify for public assistance under unsuitable homes policies

Readings and In-Class Assignments Northern Communities & Industrial Relationships For Context: Bb Nell Painter, The New Negro, In Creating Black Americans Donna Franklin, Ch. 3 Donna Franklin, Ch. 4 Bb Film: The African Americans Many Rivers to Cross Episode 4- Making a way Out of no way 1897 1940 Assignment Questions: After viewing the film The African Americans Many Rivers to Cross Episode 4, and reading the secondary sources by Nell Painter and Donna Franklin, answer the three (3) following questions: 1.During the Great Depression when New Deal policies were developed, many black women only qualified for Aid to Dependent Children (ADC). Why did many black mothers fail to qualify for public assistance under unsuitable homes policies; and list two differing characteristics of white and black women on welfare in this period. How does Franklin outline the hardships black families faced as they made the transition from an agrarian to an urban existence? Explain how the 1930s not only marked the decade in which mother-only black families had the greatest increase, but also was the beginnings of class stratification within black communities. Three (3) Page Reflection: Letter to Historical Actor or Poem: Write a three (3) page letter to one a historical actor(s) discussed in the film or in the readings, or a three (3) page poem/spoken word to best express the hardships African American families faced during the agrarian to urban transition. Be sure to note the historical and cultural aspects at the turn of the 20th century, as a steady stream of African Americans left the South, fleeing the threat of racial violence, and searching for better opportunities in the North and the West. The letter, poem or spoken word will require further analysis of (3) two primary documents/sources described in the film or the assigned articles to be used as specific examples to support your ideas and arguments: such as the words or images from leaders like Ida B. Wells, W.E.B. Du Bois, Booker T. Washington and Marcus Garvey who offered vastly different strategies to further black empowerment and equality; and the meaning to the African American family. Post Assignment Questions & Answers to the link under Assignments; and post the Three (3) Page Reflection to the appropriate Discussion Arena link Responses to Colleagues: Additionally respond to two (2) of your class colleagues Three (3) Page Reflections as assigned by Professor Chambers. Computer malfunctions or uploading the wrong material are never an acceptable excuse for a late submission, so save your work often and upload carefully. All assignments are due on the date specified in the syllabus. Assignments turned in late will be marked down a half-letter grade for each day past the due date. NOTE: Due to the nature of Online Summer Session Courses, there will be no Make-up opportunities for all ASSIGNMENTS; and Incompletes will not be granted.

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